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Global Business Services are your very own order and trade task force. You can trust us to keep our specialist eyes and resources trained on the process, so you won’t have to.

Dedicated to driving the promotion, we’ve got the expertise, energy and technology it takes to make it a success from the initial planning through to deductions. From setting up and managing your contract, handling content on retailer sites, running the trade activity itself, right through to the deductions, we deliver at every stage.

Our experts are armed with powerful AI technology that provides them with incredible insight – we miss nothing. We won’t just get the job done, we’ll do it right-we are as diligent as we are tenacious. We also do incredible things with the wealth of data we have. Distilling all the complexities into simple, actionable insights, we’ll help you make the most of this opportunity. Ultimately, we’re here to help. To save you the effort and to get your brand the right return fast. We’ve got what it takes to make promotions simple, effective – a success.

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Delivering transparency through evolved technology.

Order-to-Cash (OTC) operations should be transparent, efficient, and seamless. So why do so many providers struggle to provide basic reporting and operations?

That’s why at CROSSMARK, your “back office” is our core business.

We deliver Order-to-Cash operations on a whole other level. Our heroic system standardizes processing, administrating, validating, and reporting—we’ve made it all automated and integrated. A tech-forward, digitally enabled process eliminates inefficiencies and delivers reliability to maximize your profits.

Our dedicated team of experts pride themselves on making OTC simple, seamless, and stress-free. See for yourself.

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