Retail Solutions

Energize Growth at the Shelf

Don’t get lost on the shelf, in the store, or in the virtual marketplace. Maximize your placement, your appeal, and ultimately your sales. CROSSMARK delivers consistently winning results for brands across the breadth of retail channels. We are recognized in the industry for our tailored approach, as well as our agility, precision, and speed to accelerate business. We develop custom plans for manufacturers and retailers—handling the most complex, demanding projects with a mix of ease and innovation.

Comprehensive Commerce

From TARGETING to EXECUTION through VALIDATION, we empower clients and retailers to boldly drive sales with a 360° suite of services including:

Essential Teams


This shared merchandising and selling team is focused on projects for various clients. Their strong retail relationships create more familiarity and consistency with the store.


This team provides merchandising and selling coverage specific to one client across multiple localities—making them true ambassadors of your brand.


This customized solution entails building merchandising and selling support with a combination of dedicated and syndicated resources to provide the most focused and comprehensive coverage.


A small group of clients with common objectives working together to create a hybrid model that allows for a great level of focus with shared management costs.

Surge & Protect Work

CROSSMARK retail merchandising support is organized in a manner where we can react quickly to provide surge support during key seasonal periods or basic project work as needed.

Best-In-Class Coverage

CROSSMARK prides itself on providing our clients with the best in the biz. We don’t settle for one-size-fits-all solutions…because not every business is the same. So when you work with us, you’ll receive expert solutions made just for you.


Sales & Merchandising Support

With hundreds of Sales & Merchandising Specialists across the country, our team is ready and equipped to support your in-store needs. This includes:
  • Sales profiling
  • Execution of booking forms as required
  • Shelf Management: Merchandise; POG Compliance
  • Filling out-of-stocks, voids, manage tags
  • Managing promo calendars and apply POS
  • Fulfilling drive orders and incremental displays
  • Surge support during peak times

Data Collection Support

In addition, our robust team of dedicated Data Collection Specialists work to ensure all in-store activity is accounted for and collected—efficiently and thoroughly. Their expertise includes:
  • Measuring any in-store condition
  • Scanning, photography, signature capture capability
  • Collecting competitive intelligence
  • Program validation
  • Mystery shopping
  • Surge support during peak times

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