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Latest update: June 2024

CROSSMARK Canada and its related entities (collectively, “CROSSMARK”, “our”, “we” or “us”) takes your privacy seriously and encourages you to understand our use of cookies and other similar technologies such as pixels and web beacons (“Cookies”) in connection with our website and its related domains, platforms, social media channels, web postings, products and tools (collectively, “Service(s)” or “Website“). As discussed in greater detail within this Cookies Policy, our collection of data through the use of Cookies helps us to improve our Services, and provide you with an enhanced user experience. This Cookies Policy supplements the information in our Privacy Policy.

CROSSMARK uses Cookies that collect information, including in some instances personal information, from users of its Services. We have partnered with select third parties, including Google Analytics, that also place these tools on our Website to collect and process information about our users for various purposes, including for security, for analytics. Please carefully review the linked information associated these tools, which is also set forth below.

By visiting our Website, or otherwise using our Services, you consent to CROSSMARK’s use of Cookies as detailed in this Cookies Policy. If you have any questions or concerns about our use of Cookies, please send an email to

What kinds of technologies are used?


A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your browser or the hard drive of your computer. They are used to make websites function and to collect information to facilitate more secure, efficient, and customized user experiences. Cookie use is standard for most websites.

What is the purpose of these technologies?

We use Cookies in connection with our Services for the purposes of furthering security, customization, and analytics. We, or our service providers on our behalf, use the technologies described above for the following purposes.

Essential Services.

We use Cookies to collect and process personal information that is essential to the functionality of the Website and our Services. Cookies support our Services’ security features, and help us prevent fraud, authenticate users, and identify malicious or illegal behavior. We also use Cookies to deliver a customized experience to our users, such as by enabling our Website to recall our users’ preferences, previous searches, and information regarding previously viewed products or services. Essential cookies may not be disabled.


We want to provide you with features that interest you. Cookies allow us to determine which aspects of our Services are more (or less) popular with our users, including our websites, e-mails, advertisements, or other content. We can use that information to understand and improve upon our Services, as well as to develop new features to serve you better. Such usage information forms the basis for reports generated to provide us aggregated information about the utilization of our Services.

Advertising and Social Media. [NTD: It is our understanding that the Crossmark website does not currently host this type of cookie. We’ve added this section, because we understand that these cookies might be used in the future, but please remove this section if it is not applicable at the date of publishing.]

Marketing Cookies permit more efficient delivery of advertisements to you, regarding products or services in which you are more likely to be interested, which may be based on a profile informed by the collection and analysis of behavioral and personal characteristics. They also help us track the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. Social media Cookies can track your browser activity across other sites and create a profile of things that are likely of interest to you.

Do third parties use these technologies relating to CROSSMARK’s products and services?

Yes, please note that Google Analytics also uses Cookies as part of our Services.

Google Analytics.

Google Analytics collects and generates information, through Cookie placement, about your use of the Website. Google will use this information to evaluate your use of our Website, to compile reports on Website activity and to provide us with other services related to Website activity and internet usage.

If you would like to prevent Google Analytics from collecting your data, you can prevent this collection by utilizing the opt-out tool that Google makes available at the following site: If you use this tool, an opt-out cookie will be placed to prevent Google Analytics from collecting your information. Google’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy can be found on this page:

What are your choices?

You may be able to adjust your cookie settings on your browser or device. You may configure your cookies preferences at any time through your web browser as follows:

Depending the device you are using to access the Website, you may be able to configure your device settings to opt-out, by default, from having certain device identifiers used for targeted advertising. To do so, please refer to the instructions provided by your mobile device’s manufacturer.

Please note that limiting CROSSMARK’s ability to set Cookies may degrade your overall user experience, because the Services may no longer be personalized to you, you may not be able to save customized settings like language preferences, and the Website and Services may not function as intended.

How will you know this Cookie Policy has changed?

From time to time, we may update this Cookie Policy. We will ask you to confirm your preferences following any changes to our use of Cookies. This Cookie Policy was last updated as of the effective date listed above.

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